Which is the best room air purifier for NCR, Delhi?

This is not correct that India make are using cheep components. The fact is different most of bigger brands are manufacturing their products at China plants, to keep their manufacturing cost at lower level and get more profit our of that, People like Harsh who are not sure are among first to confuse others.

Less knowledge of subject is creating confusion only.

We do not know the best but any goo air purifier should be: The air purifier if it is power packed with powerful motor it helps cover entire room size, it is 6 stage filtration, a true HEPA filter and refreshing recharger removes up to 99.97% microscopic particles as small as 0.3 microns in air, this air purifier removes 99% germs, bacteria, viruses, pollen along with removing odours, from the room.

This is a handy tool to fight bad air, and to eliminate large dust particles, bacteria, harmful gases, removes large visible pollutants like cobwebs, human and pet hair also this comes in quite handy.

Just got your home painted or added home decor items or completed pest control, decoration and furnishings releases harmful gases and bad odours like formaldehyde, this air purifier effectively reduces allergens, gases, odours and carcinogenic from your home.

Apart from boasting of true HEPA filter and ability to capture smoke, pollen, dust, this air purifier has a unique ability to trap mosquitoes and flies, as the UV light attract flies and mosquitoes and trapped strong filters, this feature comes handy as vector borne diseases on the rice.

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