Which tree reduces pollution the most?

Detail of your question: “Plants release more oxygen so that those plants can be grown in most polluted areas”.

This is good question,

What are most polluted areas on earth.

(1) City with High Population.

(2) Village with Lot of Farming around.

(3) Forest and Mountains.

(4) Least populated places like Deserts and sea.

The best answer will be 1, as we have more traffic and industries around our cities, creating pollution.

Plants are less in city area, as we have covered entire area by cement construction, except the garden and lawn area left for plants.

Plants can purify the air, that is part of general knowledge. But HOW do they do that? You can find some 30 plants worldwide, which are capable to convert pollutants into nutritians. This process only happens to a small degree in the leafs of those plants – up to 90% of the effect is happening in the roots! A key requirement: the roots must be able to breath. Do you know a plant pot, that ventilates the roots of your plants and lets them breath?

The solution for cities will be indoor plants as the place for them in gardens is limited.

Grow the small plants in the home to get fresh air,

Hope it will give you some idea to grow herbs, at your balcony to clean the air, if every house in the city have some plant in window, balcony and in open space, much of city air will be clean from pollutants.

if not able to grow use Indoor Air Purifier | Air Purifier in India | Medical air purifier .

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